Spring Car Care

Spring Car Care Tips for Your Vehicle

Winter is finally fading away, which means there’s plenty of time to start preparing your car for spring. Waving goodbye to the cold means saying hello to warmer weather. Unfortunately, that warmer weather can cause some problems of its own. Take some time to prepare properly with these spring car care tips from us at Capital Toyota!

  • Lights – Spring may bring warmer weather to the region, but it also brings heavy rains. Properly working lights are a necessity in normal driving conditions, let alone in heavy rains. Take the time to do a quick walk around your vehicle to make sure the headlights, taillights, and turn signals are all functioning properly. Replace any burnt bulbs as necessary.
  • Wipers – If you’re like most drivers, odds are you found yourself using your windshield wipers frequently through the winter season. Snow, ice, and cold can do a number on wipers, which means you’re likely due for a new set. A new set is pretty inexpensive and your owner’s manual can provide installation instructions for your specific vehicle.
  • Engine – Even if it wasn’t an issue in winter, your engine could have problems in warmer weather. Listen for odd sounds, rough idling, or anything else out of the ordinary. Have anything strange checked out by a professional before spring really arrives to avoid any potential problems.

2 thoughts on “Spring Car Care Tips for Your Vehicle”

  1. During spring we have found multiple problems with our cars. Therefore, we should be prepared for different possible things that will happen with our car during spring. Not only in spring, we have also found some other kinds of problems in another season also which consists of starting problems, tire pressure problems, and many others. We should follow some important points on how to maintain our car for spring. Thanks for such a wonderful article with useful information.

  2. Well, staying on top of car maintenance should be a periodic thing, in and out of season. In fact each season presents a unique challenge to the proper function of the car and I think no one is tougher than winter. The freezing temperatures can inhabit much of car’s functions, more so if the car fails to get adequate maintenance checks. I genuinely believe that the exact same thing applies when the warmth of the spring conquers the winter chill. So, one may take the above tips into consideration to maintain a stable functionality of car during the spring.

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