Helpful Car Cleaning Tips from Capital Toyota

car cleaning tips

It’s important to keep your car clean—both inside and out. Here are some car cleaning tips to ensure that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle stay looking good.

1.  Clean the inside window surfaces to prevent surface smog formation.

2.  If you have cloth or vinyl car seats, vacuum and shampoo them (and the carpet). For leather seating, use a cleaner and preservative.

3.  Dust (or purchase auto care wipes for) the dashboard, console, and interior door panels.

4.  For the exterior, buy a quality concentrated car wash and follow the instructions, being sure to use a sponge or mitt rather than rags, which can scratch your car.

5.  If you wax your car, don’t do it when its still hot from running or sitting in direct sunlight—the heat will make the wax hard to remove and leave a streaky finish.

Follow these tips, and you can keep your car looking like new! For more car cleaning tips, contact us today at Capital Toyota and we’d be glad to help.