Future of Toyota Looks Good as It Absorbs Scion’s Lineup

Toyota has announced that it will be discontinuing the Scion brand beginning in August 2016. While that may seem like a scary thing to Scion loyalists, it means the future of Toyota should be looking exciting for established Toyota shoppers as well as for fans of the youth-oriented brand.

Future of ToyotaAfter all, most of Scion’s models won’t go away—instead, they’ll be rebadged and integrated within the existing Toyota lineup. These include the FR-S sports car, which is already known as the Toyota GT86 around most parts of the world, as well as the iA sedan, iM hatchback, and the C-HR crossover that recently debuted at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The tC sports coupe will be going out of production later this year, but not before receiving a final release series edition.

In other words, our lineup at Capital Toyota will soon be getting a lot more sporty options that are sure to appeal to younger buyers, along with all of the support and benefits that comes with choosing the Toyota brand!

Toyota’s New Ad Makes Fun of the Old Prius

If you watched Super Bowl 50, then you probably saw Toyota’s new ad (shown below) for the 2016 Prius. Odds are, you also liked it—we certainly did at Capital Toyota!

Whether you’re a Prius fan or not, the car’s become an icon—the symbol of hybrid technology. It’s been praised for its excellent fuel efficiency and joked about for its supposed lack of power.

The jokes haven’t bothered Toyota a single bit, though. In the new ad, titled “The Longest Chase,” the automaker uses the negative preconceptions people have about the Prius to show just how different the 2016 model really is. Everyone in the ad is constantly surprised that the new Prius is actually sporty.

The ad also manages to squeeze in a few extra shots of everything that makes the Prius great, like a trunk that can hold a whole lot of cash, the rearview camera that lets you avoid the cops, and the Pre-Collision System that prevents you from crashing even when you nod off at the wheel.