New Toyota Setsuna Concept Model Made Entirely of Wood

Every year, Toyota strives to update their model line-up with vehicles made up of all sorts of materials, in an effort to increase power while maintaining fuel efficiency. But have you ever imagined a Toyota made entirely of wood?

This wooden Toyota model, which is being referred to as the Setsuna concept, was built using multiple types of wood – including Japanese cedar for the exterior panels and Japanese birch for the vehicle’s frame.

In a press release, Toyota explained that they decided to use wood to make the vehicle because it is a material that is durable, although it changes over time. This reflects how a vehicle changes as it is passed through generations, Toyota added.

Of course, the Setsuna concept model isn’t for sale and will almost certainly not go into production, but the model is fascinating nonetheless. For more information on current models or to check out our enormous selection, visit us anytime at Capital Toyota.

All Toyota and Lexus Models to Have Standard Automatic Emergency Brakes in Near Future

Recently, 20 of the world’s leading automakers came together to make a pledge that all of their vehicles would have automatic emergency brakes by 2020 – but that’s still not good enough for Toyota, who just pledged to have this feature as a standard across their lineup by the end of 2017.


Toyota announced that 25 of Toyota and Lexus models will get the safety feature, which uses a camera and a laser beam to determine when a car has stopped in front of it. The feature automatically applies the brakes if the driver does not.



This sort of automatic emergency technology is the kind of system that can truly save lives – not to mention the many fender benders avoided. Leave it to Toyota to pledge this feature as a standard before any other major automaker.


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