Toyota’s Focus on Efficiency

Toyota’s focus on efficiency has brought the world some of the most planet-friendly vehicles of all time, including hybrids and those that use alternative fuels. Today, its famous hybrid engines come with the satisfaction of a ten year or 150,000 mile battery guarantee, meaning that you can have the car you want and the performance you crave without hurting the world on which you live.


The 2020 Rav4 and Highlander hybrids are the pinnacle of adventure and fuel efficiency. The Rav4 gets achieves a class-leading 40 mpg, and the Highlander gets an EPA-estimated 309 horsepower while employing a gas/electric combination1.


The 2020 Camry, Corolla, and Avalon hybrids mix the style of their gas-counterparts with the fuel efficiency of hybrid engines, getting up to 53 mpg2. From parts that age slowly to timeless style and function, it’s easy to pick to the hybrid sedans from Toyota.


The Prius is the quintessential hybrid and it proves it with the powerful electric motor/Gas engine combination that offers up to 53 MPGE3. The Prius Prime outperforms with both hybrid and plug-in electrical components, getting 25 miles with just the EV mode.

The vehicles of the future are coming, and they’re coming from Toyota. Stop by Capital Toyota today for a test drive.